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General Disinfestation/vector control.

Prophylactic/Surface Treatment.

Curative Treatment (Fumigation)

Termite Treatment.

Wood Borer Treatment.

Rodent Control.

Commercial Pest Management.

Weed Control

Birds Control.

Honey Bee Control.

Evaporation Control.

Sterilization Treatment

Tank Cleaning


Dairy/Poultry pest Management

Consultancy in warehousing.


Water Tank Ceaning


GPM Hygiene Services provides tank clean system. An establish scientific solutions to clean & disinfected water storage tanks. Owing to neglect, water storage tanks can be breeding ground for bacteria, pollutants and dirt. It is the point of entry for water-borne dieses into your home/origination. Clean and hygienic potable water a universal need, the tank clean system addresses the demands of a wide customer base.


The tank clean system in corporate the latest German technology including high pressure cleaning system and anti-bacterial agents. All process are thoroughly tested and adhere to quality certifications.



Tank clean technicians are professionally trained to disinfest even the most neglected tanks.



Tank clean deploys the unique SIX stage cleaning process –

Mechanised dewatering
Sludge removal
High pressure cleaning
Vacuum cleaning
Anti-bacterial spray
Ultra Violate radiations


The charges for above treatment will be charged on per litere base / per treatment. Treatment frequency will be 3-4 times in a year.

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